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Welcome to the Alabama Longhouse Natice Sons & Daughters Program Website

Who we are

Native Sons and Daughters™ are programs that were developed and are administered by National Longhouse, Ltd. The original program plan of children learning directly from their father was patterned from the tradition of some North American Indian cultural groups. These programs seek to strengthen the foundations for a positive lifelong relationship between parent and child that is mutually beneficial and satisfying.

Alabama Longhouse, Inc. is a non-profit organization and is a self-sustaining organization that does not institute any fund raising for its own benefit. All expenses are paid through member dues. Any and all fundraising events are directed at community outreach and other charitable contributions.

What we do

The Program is ideal for fathers and children (between the ages of 5-12). Father/child bonds are strengthened through various group and individual activities including:

  • Camping

  • Hiking

  • Canoeing

  • Caving

  • Craft making

  • Pinewood Derby racing

  • Community service projects


In addition, the program fosters exploring, serving and learning through its Phase program in which children are encouraged to gain new skills through cultural, spiritual and exploration projects. However, advancement through the Phase program is not required and many families are members and simply enjoy the various activities the program offers.

Interested in joining?

If you and your family are interested in joining our program, please click on the button below.

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